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Why Bother Bookkeeping in Church? How Important Is Church Bookkeeping?

Church Bookkeeping: Tracking Your Church’s Spending

No one wants to sit down and balance their budget every week or two. It’s never fun tracking expenses on a daily basis, either (no matter how easy budgeting apps claim to make it). Tracking your financial activity isn’t easy in your personal life. So why would it be any easier in a church setting? […]
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church accounting master resource - basic accounting for churches

Church Accounting: What It Takes (And How You Can Get Help!)

Church leaders know what it means to wear a lot of hats. They juggle responsibilities that stretch far beyond Sunday morning services. They also know that while the spiritual well-being of their congregation is paramount, it takes cold hard cash to keep the lights on, a building open, and a ministry staffed.  The process of […]
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7 Easy Ways to Win with Your Church Budget

Church budgets can be hard to keep under control. Pastors should get a paycheck. Administrators need money to keep up with recurring costs. Other leaders require their own allotments of funding to execute their individual ministries within your organization. With so many people getting in on the financial planning and execution, it’s important to consider […]
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Top 5 Benefits of Working with Christian CPAs

It doesn’t take much to convince a church leadership team that working with a CPA is a good idea. It takes the enormous pressure of financial responsibilities off of your shoulders and brings a knowledgeable and trained professional in to make sure you stay compliant and responsible with your financial practices. What kind of CPA […]
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The Church-Focused Firm Has Become the Only Accounting Organization With the Prestigious Church Answers Designation of “Preferred Partner”

Chaney & Associates Becomes a Preferred Partner of Thom Rainer’s Church Answers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 2/1/24 Preferred Partner The Church-Focused Firm Has Become the Only Accounting Organization With the Prestigious Church Answers Designation of “Preferred Partner” ROSEVILLE, CA, February 1, 2024 Chaney & Associates operates as the accounting firm for the Church. It currently assists hundreds of ministries across the United States with their finances. With such […]
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Nonprofit Tax Deductions: Do Churches Get a Break, Too?

Churches may be nonprofit organizations. They don’t have to pay taxes like a normal business. But what about tax breaks? Are there deductions or credits that churches can take advantage of to help them balance their books every winter and spring? As you and your ministry team members prepare to run end-of-year giving campaigns and […]
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Maintaining Financial Transparency in Church

Churches operate on widely varying budgets. The median church budget is around $169,000. When you break it down, though, that represents a myriad of annual financial plans that span the gamut from $3,000 to $41,000,000.  Regardless of whether it’s in the thousands or the tens of millions, it’s important for churches to maintain financial transparency […]
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Tips to Run an Effective Year-End Giving Campaign at Church

Giving is an important part of church culture. Financial gifts, in particular, are a major part of what keeps a ministry’s lights on and doors open throughout the year. You want to have offerings flowing each and every Sunday. But the truth is that the end of the year is a critical time of giving. […]
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