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Chaney & Associates is a CPA firm that specializes in providing outsourced accounting services. Offering a range of services to fit your company or organization's needs, we are a team here to help meet your specific needs.
Founded in 2002, we exist to serve Churches & Faith-Based non-profits with cloud-based accounting services. From payroll to in-depth financial reporting, we offer a wide range of services to fit your organizational needs.

Cloud Based

Serving clients across the United States with real-time financial data, accessible anywhere at anytime.

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Our team is specialized in the challenges and opportunities facing churches today.

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CPA Firm with over 20 years of industry experience. Let us help maximize your potential!
Chaney & Associates

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Dave Shanosk

Word of Life Christian Center
"Chaney and Associates has been indispensable in optimizing our daily operations, from budgeting to reporting, income, and expense management -- freeing us to prioritize people and ministry. Their invaluable support extends to initiatives like Kingdom Builders, enabling us to extend the reach of the gospel globally. With their collaborative approach and industry expertise, we trust Chaney and Associates as essential partners in our mission."

Clynt Reddy

Westwood Community Church
"We are so grateful for our partnership with Chaney & Associates. They helped us simplify and organize our accounting structure, while also helping us develop customized reports and dashboards to understand our financial health and trends as a church. They understand the church world better than anyone I know!"

Jeremy Needham

Summit Park Church
Chaney & Associates has great systems that will scale with your church or non-profit. Your organization will certainly be more efficient but what really sets them apart is the wisdom and expertise that they bring to the table! When they say Collaborative Stewardship, they really mean it! They are in your corner working to help you be successful and see your resources go further.

Samuel Laws

Brave Church
Chaney & Associates has been our trusted partner for many years. From a small church plant to a multisite movement they were able to scale to not only meet our needs but help us bring the financial strategies and mindsets needed at each level. The way they continue to innovate has helped us stay equipped with the best and latest approaches. Our team loves how fast and accessible they are as a ministry partner.

Rob Ketterling

River Valley Church
Chaney & Associates has been pivotal in managing the financial aspects of River Valley Church, especially adept at addressing the unique needs of our multi-campus structure. Their specialized financial system is a cornerstone in our organization, providing accurate, real-time financial insights and efficient budgeting solutions. Their expertise has greatly streamlined our financial operations across all our campuses, showcasing their ability to adapt and excel in a complex, multi-site church environment.

Ben Dailey

Calvary Church
Our church and network of churches has worked with Chaney and Associates for our CPA and accounting needs. They offer tailored financial services for churches of all sizes and situations. They’ve been instrumental in allowing our in-person team to concentrate on ministry activities without the burden of hiring a large in-person financial team as well. Their expertise and commitment to customization ensure that our specific needs are met with precision. Chaney and Associates have consistently demonstrated professionalism and a thorough understanding of both our organizational structure and financial goals.

Jeff Leake

Allison Park Church
Chaney & Associates has developed a system of cloud based accounting that is truly amazing. When we moved from our old database system to this cloud based approach, it made everything more accessible to our team and much easier to plan and interact.
Chaney & Associates

Professionalism is our culture.

Our high standards, service & specialized team are the difference between our outstanding performance, & other firms. We make sure that every client is served by the expertise of our whole firm.
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